Where Is Your Happiness Found?

February 26, 2018
Where Is Your Happiness Found?

|| h a p p i n e s s || Is there something missing from your life right now that you think if you had it, you’d be so much happier? Is there a promise you’re trying to wait on from God, but He hasn’t yet released it to you? Is there one thing you desire with every bone in your body, but it’s just a bit out of your reach or even out of your control?
How does that make you feel? Annoyed? Disgruntled? Frustrated? How about angry?

Yep, I’ve been there. I’m still there depending on the day. We all have this innate desire in life for happiness and contentment. We long to find fulfillment and purpose and sometimes dictate to ourselves that if I get “X” then I’ll be “Y.” But where do we turn to when we long to find that true happiness? I know we all have our “well if I just had this then, I’d be happy” or “I know God’s going to bless me with this, but I’m stuck here I waiting until He does” lists. Lists that we use to tell us when we think we can finally be happy & fulfilled. But what happens if the thing you’ve prayed for for so long doesn’t happen as soon as you’d like? Or what if the material object you thought would bring you happiness, leaves you just as empty as before?

God has slowly been teaching me over this past year, that as a Christian, my happiness is not meant to be found in worldly things. He’s shown me that the newest clothes, the fanciest car, or even the right relationship is not going to bring the fulfillment & joy that I had been searching for. Yes, I think God places desires in our heart as promises to us to add to our happiness, but I know that He doesn’t want us to base our happiness on receiving these promises. If anything, when we start to do that, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment because I think we all know that often these promises don’t come as quick as we would hope.

I also know that by saying that, it’s easier said than done…It’s hard to not feel like life’s a big game of playing keeping up with the Jones’s. That everyone else around you is gaining what you sincerely desire & you’re constantly getting the short end of the stick.

But what happens when you get everything in life that you wanted and you’re still not satisfied? What happens when the thing you thought would give you all the happiness in the world, just doesn’t fill that void? It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness, and man, isn’t that the truth!

The big question that I  have felt God asking me these past few weeks is “What if I never bless you with that? What happens if the one thing you’ve been praying for doesn’t come soon? Are you going to just sit around and be sorry for yourself while you wait? Or are you going to live this life I have blessed you with and find your happiness in me while you wait?”

Turns out, life is just not fair. Period. We all have different paths we are on & we are all at different points in our lives. So playing that comparison game is only going to leave you feeling unsatisfied. Life has ups & life has downs… joy & tragedy. But if you continually focus on finding your happiness in worldly things, you’re going to constantly be coming up short. Things comes & go & people are always changing. Instead, God teaches us in Psalm 37:4 to find our happiness in the Lord & He will give us the desires of our hearts. God is telling us that He is to be our main source of happiness & our true source of contentment. He is unchanging & He is always faithful. He is the one who always has our best interests at heart, even if we don’t understand what He is doing in our lives.

One thing that always remains true is the love of Jesus. He is the one who is always on the side line cheering us on when we feel like we are all alone. He is the one who is there to comfort us when we are grieving. He is the one who knows our hearts through & through & know’s what we truly need & when we need it.  He is the one who we can count on to always be consistent in His ways. He is the only one who can truly satisfy that ache of our longing hearts. That hole in our hearts that we constantly try to fill with objects and people is only meant to be filled with the love of Jesus.

By learning to base our happiness in our Creator- the One who loves us more than anything else- we can find true happiness amidst a world that seems to be falling apart at the seams.

Don’t let your best days waste away because you’re busy chasing the high of happiness found in continuously attaining bigger & better things. Be grateful for what you have been blessed with now & see how Jesus can change the source of where you find your happiness 💕

Psalm 37:4






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