About me


About Sarah Lepp“Jesus’s transformation of my life is something I want to passionately share with the world. His love for us is so unknowingly deep and I believe that the missing part of us that we are continually searching for, is only found in Him.”

Sarah is a dental hygienist who grew up in a small town in Canada. Her unfulfilling experiences in the dating world, lack of self worth, and lack of passion and purpose in life lead her to a moment of clarity. The realization that she deserved more. Life wasn’t meant to be experienced wandering around lost, feeling worthless, and stuck in toxic relationships that only bring more pain, than happiness. Her fulfillment and passion was found in pursuing her relationship with Jesus Christ. Her trials and tribulations eventually brought her here, writing this blog. Her hope is that she can not only save you from unnecessary heart break, but give you the inspiration and hope that can be found in pursuing a relationship with God.

We have this hope, as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure –  Hebrews 6:19